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Beer styles are mainly regional in character. There are many reasons for this, in the end it's always the water, carbonate hardness, residual alkalinity and all that stuff.

The beer of my region is actually Pils. After all, Ungelsheim is located in the Ruhr area, more precisely in Duisburg.

And anyone who, like me, regularly starts his investigations on Sunday evenings as a couch-co-commissioner at crime scenes of the first program of the German General Broadcasting Corporation will have noticed that the Ruhr-regional "Greifer" and "Kieberer" - the chimanskis, Thanners and Fabers of this world - usually and gladly already have one to five Pilsken between de Zäng when they stagger through the scene.

And that is before the sun has even sunk behind the spoil heap.

But where we see our strengths - sometimes even twice - are rather Stouts and Porters - these are actually English beer styles.

Why is that so? That's just the way it is.

Porter is dark, roasted malt beer, it is aromatic and nice to drink. Not the hops (as with many of these horribly over-hoped craft beers, if you like to drink them, you might as well suck the hops), but the malt is in the foreground. It comes with cocoa, coffee, toast, sponge cake and toffee flavours.
The name comes from the "Porters", London dock workers - hard as iron, in other words, who had to quench not only entire ships but also their thirst.
Stout are the strong Porters. Like the very popular Guinness, for example. Tasty , tapped with nitrogen, and when the buxom bar assistant lady, who must have looked pretty good once upon a time, taps a little heart onto your foamy head, then that's good.
Always order in a half-liter glass. Three or four of them, then the lights will gradually start to flicker - before they slowly but surely go out, while, deep in the west*), the sun sinks behind the spoil heap.

*) See also: Wiglaf Droste & Bela B : Herbert kann nicht tanzen / Herbert cannot dance

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