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I am also a writer, based in Ungelsheim. That's a pretty southern part of Duisburg.
Ungelsheim is young in years, but rich in old people.

What I represent, the hangman knows. But what does "Ungelsheim" stand for?

Well, "Ungel" is an old German term for beef tallow, rendered hard fat from ruminants.
Rather nasty, but once it was useful stuff. Now, to be honest, just disgusting.

That's how it should be, the way I write: sometimes boisterous, sometimes hard, maybe useful, or even just disgusting.

Just a small note for our English speaking readers (English reading speakers):
Not all texts have been translated. This is not just for convenience, but, frankly, we believe that only the language of a Goethe, a Herder, a Nietzsche or a Kant is adequate to express our wonderful thoughts.

And now, please, have fun ruminating, I may say...

Jörg Jörg

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