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(follows sometime, or even not)


  • First: the preparation:
    Ingredients are from the brewing supply store.
    Water is coming out of the tap.
    When everything is decided, procured and prepared, our actual brewing may begin.

  • Then: the mashing:
    Mashing takes time. Kind of half the day. Therefore, and so that we know and can reproduce what we have done, automatic helps us; ->look here!

  • Then it's lautered, boiled, hopped, whirlpooled, chilled and "turned on", like we Germans name it, when we put the yeast inside.

  • Then follow fermentation and maturation.

  • Then only to be transferred, filled into nice bottles and labeled.


How to make beer
History / Classification


please ask, so we may give you answers

  • Jörg
  • 2022/01/18

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