Ural Windsheets (Ebay advertisement)

this is how the VEB advertises on the bay of bays

Real men do not eat honey - real men chew bees...
Such or similar sayings, let's be honest, they make our men's hearts beat faster and our gender self-esteem rise a few inches.


But, because things are so honest, we don't fool ourselves: Deep inside of us, there is also a person who prefers a warm shower, sucks the said honey, and also likes to cuddle on the sofa.
And if your "alter-ego", that is, the iron-hard part of you (the one who bought this insanely cool Ural once), that is, if he rides out again on Sunday, then the freely blowing wind will cause you both a lot of trouble.
Especially if you belong to a generation that has aged a little bit together with Chuck Norris (the one with the bees).


And when you descend afterwards and walk the last few meters to your destination, your stiff knees make it difficult to exude the aura of personal robustness.
Entering the pub with a seesawing step? Forget it...
Well, here is the solution!

These well-constructed wind deflectors, they not only deflect the wind, no, they also give your Ural a harder touch.

tough technique
Real rust film on matt-black, that is official. Made of metal, of course. Not one of those plastic gadgets that are often offered here in the bay. It unite in this article ergo: a) Well thought-out functionality - real medical benefits that warm up your knee joints as well as the hearts of your chiropractors, with b) honest, leg-hard bee chewing look. No minimum bid. Have fun bidding.

stop, mothafucka!

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